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With all 3 QuickBooks End-User Certifications

  • Validate your QuickBooks knowledge and skills
  • Improve your marketability, and position yourself as a qualified job candidate
  • Increase your confidence and credibility using QuickBooks

Prove to the world you know your stuff with 3 end-user certifications

The only official online, proctored certifications by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online
  • Boost your resume by demonstrating your QuickBooks Online expertise to potential employers

  • Validate your QBO knowledge with multiple choice, matching and True/False questions

  • Prove your QuickBooks Online competency after passing a 37 question exam

Follow these easy steps to get certified


Use all of our learning tools to gain a deep understanding of QuickBooks and pass the comprehensive certification exams.

  • Self-paced classes are always available on your schedule
  • Live classes are offered on a rotating schedule
  • Live Help is available 10 hours every business day
  • Classes vary based on certification, but it’s all included!


The best way to pass the test is through practice!
Here are your certification resources:

  • Watch self-paced classes
  • Use study guides
  • Take interactive practice tests
  • Ask an instructor in Live QuickBooks Help


Exam details

  • You get all 3 certification exams, including a free retake for each
  • All exams are online and proctored
  • You have 50 minutes to complete each exam and will get your results immediately
  • Types of questions vary by exam, and can include multiple choice, True/False, matching, and fill in the blank

Once you’re certified, you receive:

  • A digital badge to share with the world
  • An official Intuit Certification certificate
updated certificate

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